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  Why We Exist -
Statement of Intent


We, the concerned citizens of the Central Coast are worried about the impact that longwall coal mining in the Central Coast Water Catchment Valleys and beneath residential homes will have upon our drinking water catchment, and upon our health, lifestyle and properties.

We will continue to demand that the government introduces legislation into the Parliament to protect the Wyong Water Catchment District, the largest drinking water resource on the Central Coast, from mineral extraction, and to protect homes from being undermined by longwall coal mining.

The Dooralong and Yarramalong Valleys were proclaimed as a water catchment district in 1950 to protect this precious drinking water resource for the people of the Central Coast.


We will not accept longwall coal mining beneath the Wyong Water Catchment Valleys and in other parts of Wyong Shire beneath residential areas because:

  • It has the potential to destroy the catchment river systems and the underground aquifers. The river systems are two-thirds fed by these aquifers and to compromise their integrity is unacceptable.

  • Disrupt the ecological balance of bird, animal, aquatic and plant life, and endanger the estaurine habitat of 11 endangered international migratory birds that are protected by treaty with China and Japan.

  • Create unacceptable levels of noise from rail trucks operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The proposed mine head is right beside a densely populated urban area and will impinge on the planned Warnervale City area.


  • Affect health and lifestyle of more than 160,000 people and put the homes of many hundreds of people at risk.

  • Longwall coal mining is not appropriate for the rapidly growing community of the Central Coast.