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  Facts You Should Know

  • The mine will be located beneath the major water flow-through of the underground aquifers and directly beneath Jilliby Jillby Creek.
  • A hydrology report verifies that the river systems of Jilliby Jilliby Creek and Wyong Creek are two-thirds fed by the underground aquifers.
  • The mine will run parallel to the Wyong Creek water system.
  • The water systems of the Dooralong and Yarramalong Valleys account for 50% of the water catchment for the entire Central Coast.
  • Both horizontal and vertical subsidence put both ground water and underground water at risk of being lost forever.
  • The Porters’ Creek Weir Project, Wyong Weir, and the Mardi Pump-pool are all within the horizontal subsidence zone of the proposed mine project.

  • Horizontal subsidence has the real potential to adversely impact on essential water utilities - Porters’ Creek Weir Project, Wyong Weir and the Mardi Pump-Pool.

  • The mining company has to date refused to provide information on the impact of subsidence - both horizontal and vertical.

  • Longwall coal mining not only poses a threat to the water supply, both surface and subsurface, it also poses a threat to the habitat of the various endangered and threatened species of flora and fauna.

  • The coal loader will be built adjacent to the largest growing urban area on the Central Coast, including the planned new city of Warnervale.

  • Health problems, such as respiratory and skin ailments, could arise across the Central Coast from coal dust being transported on the wind.

  • The Dooralong and Yarramalong Valleys were proclaimed and gazetted as water catchment in 1950. The intent of this proclamation is clear - to protect and guarantee the water supply.

  • The mining company has not produced to the community, via the community consultative committee (set up as a condition of mining exploration), any evidence to support their claims that the proposed longwall coal mine beneath the water catchment will not impact on the water supply. When asked for this information all the community consultative committee gets is excuses.

  • Throughout NSW, longwall coal mining has had a devastating impact on both river and underground water systems - many of them have been lost forever.

  • The Australian Coal Alliance has substantive and compelling evidence that longwall coal mining will compromise the integrity of the Wyong water catchment valleys.


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