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Public Meetings


22 August 2006


500 people attended a public meeting to condemn coal mining beneath the water catchment valleys of the Central Coast.  There was unanimous support for a moratorium.

"Of all the community coal meetings I've been to in NSW, this was the largest and the best. We were all inspired," said Lee Rhiannon, MLC for the Greens.


17 November 2006


Coal Alliance Boycott

Australian Coal Alliance members boycotted the information afternoon hosted by Kores Australia. Supporters waved placards and shouted slogans in support of their campaign to protect the Central Coast water catchment.


December 2006 - Mardi Gras


The Australian Coal Alliance float was a monumental success at the Central Coast Mardi Gras on December 2, 2006. Thousands of people cheered ACA members as the parade made its way to The Entrance.


9 December 2006

  Blue Haven Rally

Liberal Party and the then NSW Opposition Leader Peter Debnam said no to coal mining in the Central Coast water catchment.


Warnervale Rally - 5 February 07


A rally was held at the Warnervale Hall on Monday, 5 February 2007. The focus was on the impact of coal dust particulates on health. Guest speakers included Lee Rhiannon (Greens MLC), and Patrick McNally, a family therapist who spoke on the emotional health issues associated with the impact of coal dust on the community.


Blue Haven Rally - 26 February 07


A rally was held at the Blue Haven Community Hall on Monday, 26 February 2007. The focus was on the impact of coal dust particulates on health. Guest speakers included Lee Rhiannon (Greens MLC).

Press Story (Central Coast Express)


Major Rally - 11 March 2007


A major rally was organised for Sunday, 11 March 2007.

A motorcade snaked its way through the Central Coast, from Bateau Bay, via The Entrance, Budgewoi, proposed Tooheys Road coal loader site, and finished at the Wyong Race Club, and raise community awareness about the potential impact longwall coal mining will have upon the water catchment and the potential impact of coal dust upon human health.

The motorcade finished at the Wyong Race Club where a free music concert entertained people, at the same time ACA members and other guest speakers spoke about protecting our water and what the community can do to help.


The February 07 rally at The Entrance Park was cancelled and replaced with the March rally at the Wyong Race Club.


The February Rally was knocked on the head by The Entrance Town Centre Management Committee. This is what they said "Whilst we acknowledge that your organisation is non political, the issue of longwall coal mining and the potential impact on the Wyong water catchment valley and community health, is a political issue."

The question now has to be asked: "If the Town Centre Board do not support the community in its fight to protect the water catchment and community health, who do they support?"

May they be buried in coal dust for their sin and vertically and horizontally subsided.

     Film Presentation - 30 May 2007    

The ACA presented a short film - The Death of Our Rivers - at the Wyong Memorial Hall, Anzac Street (opposite RSL Club) on Wednesday, 30th May.

The presentation of the Death of our Rivers was an outstanding success with approximately 500 people attending the screening. This compelling film showed informative and factual images that not only shocked, but also provided an insight into the damage being done to our water systems and the impact of airborne coal dust particles on human health. It gave an insight into what we will be facing if the coal mine beneath the Dooralong and Yarramalong Valleys goes ahead.


   December 2007 - Mardi Gras




Despite inclement weather and rain pouring from the skies, the ACA gathered in force in the annual Wyong Shire Mardi Gras parade. Thousands cheered as the stalwart troops entered The Entrance town centre, clearly showing their support to stop coal mining in the water catchment valleys.


   Film Presentation - Wallarah 2


The ACA's latest film, Wallarah 2 - Recipe for Disaster, was screened in February 2008 and was an outstanding success.

This 40-minute movie defines the problems that will affect the Central Coast's water supply and the health and social impact of residents if a coal mine is approved beneath the water catchment valleys.

A must see film - if you missed out on the original screening, DVD copies can be purchased. Send a cheque or money order for $20.00 to the Australian Coal Alliance, PO Box 3233, Tuggerah 2259, along with your request.

     December 2007 - Mardi Gras    

Once again the ACA was out in force at the Annual Mardi Gras. A record crowd cheered wildly and swelled around the ACA marchers and float as it entered The Entrance town centre.


Woodbury Park Rally - 28.02.09


More than 250 people attended the Woodbury Park Rally where Opposition Leader Barry O'Farrell re-iterated the Liberal Party's commitment to no coal mine in the Wyong water catchment valleys.

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