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Opposition leader Barry O'Farrell re-iterates Liberal Party commitment to coal mining in the Wyong Water Catchment Valleys at the Woodbury Park Rally.


News Video - O'Farrell re-commits to No Coal


A crowd of 250 people waved banners and chanted “water not coal” amid the call for South Korean mining giant Kores to pack up their bags and leave the Central Coast.

Mr O’Farrell said that an elected Liberal Government would not allow coal mining in Wyong water catchment valleys.

“We must learn by our mistakes of the 1990’s and put people and water first,” Mr O’Farrell said.

Mr O’Farrell congratulated the community for standing up and fighting to protect their basic rights - to ensure the Central Coast’s water supply.

Liberal state member for Terrigal Chris Hartcher told a boisterous crowd that it was significant that BHP had walked away from the proposal.

“A Korean company was willing to step in and take the coal out of the country and make huge profits,” Mr Hartcher said.

Australian Coal Alliance (ACA) spokesman Alan Hayes said “water is our most precious resource and we cannot allow it to be destroyed because of greed.”

Mr Hayes described the Chikarovski Report as “codswallop” and urged people to write letters of protest to Planning Minister Ms Keneally.

In an email received by Alan Hayes from Barry O’Farrell after the rally, Mr O’Farrell said “I especially appreciate the opportunity to reiterate the Liberal Party’s opposition to the coal mining proposal and our determination, in office, to prevent it from going ahead. Of course, we will do whatever we can between now and the election to try and get Mr Rees and Ms Keneally to stop the mine.”

Wyong State Labor MP David Harris congratulated Mr O’Farrell on his stance in opposing the coal mine.

“We have a lot of support in government but we’re not over the line yet,” Mr Harris said.

“We can’t continue to let mining companies rape our communities.”

After the rally Mr Harris confirmed that he had spoken with the Premier’s senior advisors and was very optimistic that something positive would now happen to stop the mine.

Coal Alliance spokesman Alan Hayes said that the rally was a huge success and that he has received a number of congratulation emails, including one from Chris Hartcher.

“It was significant that the rally was held at the Woodbury Park reserve,” Mr Hayes said.

“It’s where the two valley river systems meets and where the water is pumped from into Mardi Dam to service the urban communities.”