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Centennial Coal is currently planning an exploration drilling programme in the Mandalong South area. The drilling programme involves the mining company accessing private property to carry out the drilling.

Although the mine area is primarily in the Mandalong Valley it will extend into the upper sections of the Dooralong Valley water catchment area. A mine in this area could impact on the integrity of the feeder streams and aquifers leading into the main water catchment. The Australian Coal Alliance is opposed to any activity that will compromise the Central Coast's water supply.


If a mining company representative enters your property, you have the right to request them to leave immediately and not return.

If they ignore your request it will become trespass and you have legal rights.

If they telephone you, hang up. If they telephone you again, take their name, company title and other relevant details and then hang up.

Report any of these incidents to the Australian Coal Alliance for advice.

If you receive a letter from a mining exploration company, contact the Australian Coal Alliance for advice, and do not sign any documents without legal advice.

  Email Australian Coal Alliance for advice